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Edward Burrowes

"Artem has significant knowledge and connections within the cryptocurrency / tokens space. He provided advice and input into the go to market strategy for three token launches at Immutable as well as being the directly responsible individual for the launch of the GOG token. He is a strong advocate for the community and has experience getting win-win outcomes with exchanges and market makers.

Omar Hamwi

"I’m absolutely satisfied. We’ve done a really good job together with Chainadoption. Artem advises, builds, and executes a dozen of Marketing and PR activities as well as helps us to establish valuable partnerships in this rapidly-changing market. If you are looking for a Strategic Advisory based on a mix of Marketing and Business Development, Artem is the person you are looking for.

Fan(Mandy) Xu

"With Tron Foundation, I needed to find a good consultancy firm to help me simultaneously in quite many directions. Artem helped us with the overseas expansion in Europe and the CIS region through a mix of Marketing and PR events as well as with listing of our main coins like TRX, BTT, JST, and SUN on the most popular platforms. He carried all the processes from the very beginning and we are still in touch. So, I would definitely recommend Chainadoption to both newcomers and experienced projects.

Artur Pszczółkowski

"Thank you, Artem, and the team, for irreproachable consultancy, and assistance. What I want to be pointed out - you managed the company's budget, not wasting a cent, negotiating the best options and conditions, and it cannot but surprise. You're big professionals in your business!

Martin Ploom

"Bravo Chainadoption!
With the articles in popular crypto media, our project promoted and its name appeared on the lips of prominent influencers in the sphere. It raised awareness and consequently had a large impact on community growth. Thank you!

Daniel Dimitrov

"I have turned to the company with a request to list my Token on several of the top exchanges. Artem Gordadze (Chainadoption CEO) provided full consultancy regarding the process and negotiated the best conditions I ever had. Artem himself assisted on every step until the work finished.

Justin Wang

"Chainadoption is a unique firm: a really versatile team, each of the members - professional. I have received so many pieces of advice in absolutely different spheres, including finance, marketing, and tech development. People there impressed me by their broad and valuable experience and knowledge they can share with you.

Building with Founders

“Every new user of your product adds value to the other users of your product.”

Being an experienced Product and Business Development Leader, Artem has been involved in the Blockchain space since 2016. Since that time, he’s been working closely with the biggest digital asset exchanges, market-making firms and various crypto startups, helping them build proper go-to-market and scaling strategies to pass over $1B valuation.

As the Founder of Chainadoption.io, a management consulting company, Artem works with various companies in different directions such as Capital Markets, Product Management, Token Economics, Go-to-market and Marketing strategies, Venture Capital, Portfolio Management, and Partnerships.

Artem Gordadze


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